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My name is Kevin, i am 34. I have been interested and passionate about music since my early teens. I have always been the one to organise family and friends parties and because of my passion, able to read and understand the crowd plus vast music knowledge, i have always been asked to DJ for the evening and take control of the music. I got my first nightclub work in 2007, not as a DJ, but behind the bar serving drinks. While there i witnessed many DJ's, some where good, but some where also bad.


It has always been a dream for me to become a DJ and entertain the crowds and it was a New years Eve party in 2007  that gave me that final push. After the complaints each and every night from customers at the club about poor music and no interaction with the crowd, i decided to take my love of music and entertaining a step further. In January 2008 Halo Entertainment was born. I already knew how to mix, beat match and what music to play at the right time, but I needed the equipment plus

ideas and advice on the business side of things and how best to interact with clients so i joined an on-line DJ forum plus keeping in touch with DJ friends i had met in previous years. I gained valuable experience and knowledge in how to set up my business and run it to a high standard.


Since the launch of Halo Entertainment i have worked in some great venues and met some amazing people, i love what i do and turning my passionate hobby into my career was the best thing i have done.


I am constantly looking forward to the future and new ways on making my services even better, i always update music and equipment and run my business by the book in a professional way, my equipment is PAT tested each year for safety, i have Public Liability Insurance and i also pay tax.


My equipment is of a high standard and always looked after, i do not use 1970's light boxes or flashing police beacons. I play great music that the client wants and at reasonable volume levels. When speaking into the microphone the music is faded down and my voice is clear, i do not mumble or talk over the music.


For peace of mind and professionalism i always use a booking form that is to be signed by my self and the client. On the reverse of the booking form are the terms and conditions of my services which covers the client as well as my self.


A reference can be obtained if needed and my certificates of insurance can be seen upon request.


Thank you for reading, if you would like a chat about your event or need anymore information then give me a call or email me. Details can be found on the Contact us page.

Wedding Functions - Civil Ceremonies - Birthdays - Parties - Theme Nights - Pubs and Clubs - School Disco - Karaoke Nights

Mission Statement
My aim is to ensure all your guests will enjoy every minute of their night out.

I will arrive & perform at your venue/event or function with top quality sound and lighting equipment and act with professionalism and enthusiasm.

I will assure you of the utmost safety by providing tidy cable management & liaising with the event organisers.

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